Prom Life Hacks

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my blog! I am so excited about today's post! Because prom season is in the air, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of my prom life hacks with you all. Not only am I featuring some life-saving tips, but I'm also sharing some incredible brands.

1. Find makeup and hair inspo on Pinterest.

I've found most of my makeup inspiration on Pinterest. I'm thinking about doing a neutral smokey eye with glossy lips.

2. Getting your toes done? Purchase your very own pair of PediFlops.

Best invention ever: PediFlops. When I get my toes done for prom, I am definitely going to be bringing these along. PediFlops have toe separators that you can push down for everyday wear or pull up for your pedicure. They're super convenient for when you're running all of those prom errands. Use promo freeship for free shipping and don't forget to follow them on Instagram @pediflops.

3. Soften your skin with sugar scrubs.

I love exfoliating my skin. You can purchase your own from Etsy shops like  or drugstore OR you can make your own.

4. Practice doing your makeup once or twice.

My friends and I are planning two pre-prom beauty sessions. Over spring break, we're going to practice doing our makeup.We're going to test different products and see what we like best. And then, one to two weeks before prom we'll do a final run through.

Checkout Melissa's Lip Lacquer: HERE. There are a variety of lip colors to choose from. Followed by a gloss to keep your lips intact the entire night. Oh, and there's a remover to swipe it all off come 6:00 A.M.

5. Buy your jewelry early.

I can't stress this one enough. For the past two dances, I didn't plan my jewelry until two minutes before it was time to walk out the door for pictures. Pick out your jewelry early.

Check out KNS Jewels for an amazing earring selection. I love these silver ones. (I'm actually planning on wearing them to my own prom in May!)

6. A week before prom figure out your beauty schedule.

Monday: Visit your hairdresser.

Tuesday: Exfoliate with DIY scrubs.

Wednesday: Do your eyebrows. 

Thursday: Get nails done. Exfoliate again. Use lip serum.

Friday: Shave your legs. Do makeup.

Looking to get clear skin for your prom? Read below!

Euromonitor, the world's leading independent provider of strategic market research announced that Rodan + Fields® has been ranked as THE NO. 1 SKINCARE BRAND IN THE U.S. IN 2016 across all price points and all channels.

Additionally, Euromonitor ranked Rodan + Fields as:

  • The No.1 premium skincare brand in 2016--not only in the U.S., but in all of North America
  • The fastest growing skincare brand in the U.S., for the last six years!
  • The fastest growing skincare brand in Canada in 2016
Also, be sure to checkout their Lash-Booster.

7. Plan for pictures.

One of my friends came up with the idea of making a set list. (We're so organized!)

8. Get a haircut.

I recommend getting a trim if you're up for it. I'm planning on taking 1-2 inches.

9. Set everything up the night before-- dress, shoes, jewelry, makeup, clutch, etc.

Time is everything on the day of prom. My school let's me get out 2 hours and 15 minutes early. After getting a shower, people are coming over to get ready. We'll probably have snacks and dance and have a fantastic time. However, we only have until 4:30 to get ready because of pictures.

10. Get ready with your girls!

This isn't a hack as much as it is a tip. Get ready with your girlfriends! You'll have so much more fun. I guarantee it!

That concludes my prom life hacks. If you have any tips or tricks, comment below!

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  1. Those pedicute flops are such a great invention

    1. I love them! I use them for everyday use too. They're adorable! Thanks for reading and commenting, Kate!

  2. My big prom tip is getting ready in a button down shirt so you don't have to pull a tee shirt over your hair and makeup! Have fun!

    Madison // Mads Maybe

    1. Definitely going to keep that in mind! Thanks for reading and commenting, Madison! I really appreciate it.