10 Graduation Style Do's and Don'ts

Hey y'all!

Welcome back to my blog! Today I'm sharing some graduation style tips with y'all. I hope you like them:

1. DO wear something nice underneath your robe.

I'm a classic girl, so I'm going for the traditional white dress. I purchased mine from Lilly Pulitzer. It's super cute!

2. DON'T spend money on something you don't see yourself wearing ever again.

I'm all about recycling clothing. I'm planning on wearing my graduation dress to many, many more events. (I spent way too much not to!) I'll be wearing mine for my graduation, senior pictures, graduation dinner, etc.

3. DO wear comfortable footwear.

I originally wanted to wear a pair of gold flip flops, but that's against dress code. I'll be wearing a pair of nude/black flats and changing into my J+S Brooklyn sandals after the ceremony.

4. DON'T wear something like sneakers.

You want something cute and casual, like flats or wedges. Whatever you wear, make sure you can walk easily in them. 

5. DO accessorize!

The back of my dress has a gold starfish zipper. So I'm wearing a gold bracelet with a starfish on it. I purchased it from Charming Charlie's.

6. DON'T go overboard.

I like to stick to the basics: pearl earrings and a bracelet. I wouldn't recommend a statement necklace for this occasion.

7. DO have your nails polished.

I recommend getting a french manicure. However, if you're looking to save some money, a light pink will do just fine. 

8. DON'T stress!

Who am I to talk? I'm the queen of stress. It's supposed to be an exciting day, so just wing it! Enjoy yourself!

9. DO smile!

Everyone is going to be taking pictures, so smile! If you're looking for a whitening teeth hack, brush your teeth with baking soda. (Baking soda is the answer to everything.)

10. DON'T forget it's okay to cry.

It's an emotional day for everyone. Just don't forget to wear waterproof makeup. That would be a disaster.

If you're graduating this year, I wish you the best of luck. I'm going to try to vlog during the day for y'all. I graduate on June 6th, ahh! It can't come soon enough! 

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