Mighty Mug Review

Mighty Mug is the world’s only mug that grips to flat, smooth surfaces when knocked into, yet it lifts naturally.

The mug is similar in design to other typical to go mugs. It has a sleek body with an easy twist on lid. The lid also includes a liquid barrier to prevent spills. However, the SmartGrip technology is what separates it from current travel mugs and tumblers on the market.

The SmartGrip Technology makes a Mighty Mug the perfect companion for any situation, such as long car rides and study sessions near a computer.

The mug has a strong resistance when knocked into. It definitely lives up to users’ expectations.

The only downfall to the Mighty Mug is the limited variety of mugs and tumblers. There are only a handful of colors and designs to choose from. However, they're basic designs make for perfect gifts. (Father's Day is right around the corner, guys!)

Here are some of my favorites from their collection:

These mugs are really cool! My family has spent so much time trying to make it fall over.  I definitely recommend you get your hands on one of these cups. 

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