Pretty Things Subscription Box Review

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Today I'm sharing another subscription box review with y'all. This time I'm talking about the Pretty Things subscription box. May's theme is "My Favorite Things."

The Pretty Things subscription box is fairly priced and will include value above and beyond what you pay. You can order a $25, $35, or $50 box. 

You can let Ashely, the face behind all of the pampering goodies, know your specific likes and interests. Therefore, you can expect your box to be tailored to your personality and preferences. I let Ashley know that I have combination skin and here's what she sent me:

The first thing I noticed were these two face masks. I love a good face mask. Immediately I opened the Totes Oats sample mask. (Hopefully this isn't TMI: Right before a certain time of month I was struggling with some acne along the sides of my forehead and chin. I also had a bunch of Spanish tests and quizzes that week. My skin was a mess.) The Totes Oats face mask encouraged my skin to tone down in redness and inflammation. I loved this face mask! Somehow, someway I plan on getting my hands on it again. 

As for the All I've Avo Wanted face mask, I'm saving that one for next week. My prom is next week and I want my skin to look bomb. I know this face mask will do the trick.

The next two samples include a hand cream and a body scrub. They both smell absolutely amazing. I specifically loved the scrub. I used it on my arms and legs while in the shower. My skin felt super smooth.

I also received some bath salts (which again smelt so good) and a chocolate bar. The bath salts were so soothing. I only used about half of the bag because I'm saving the rest for the day after prom when I need some chill time. 

Chocolate. Need I say more? However, my grandma claimed that pretty quickly; and how can you say no to your grandma?

I also received this gigantic container full of a sweet smelling lotion. It smells just like mango flavored Mambos. It's the perfect scent for spring and summer. 

The pink poof was also a pleasant surprise. You can never have enough of these! I used mine to apply the body scrub I mentioned earlier.

This Key Lime Pie soap bar smells absolutely incredible. 

And lastly, there was some Sleepytime herbal tea. Again, this is going to be perfect for the day after prom when I've been up for 24 hours straight.

That concludes my review of the Pretty Things subscription box. Overall, I definitely recommend this box, not just for all of the fantastic goodies, but for the amazing customer service. Ashely is one of the sweetest people ever. I promise you won't regret making this purchase.

If you're taking finals in a few weeks, I highly recommend you get your hands on one of these boxes. You're going to need some pamper time after taking that Calculous final.

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  1. so much good stuff! however im allergic to half that stuff haha!

    1. Oh, no! That stinks! All of the products in this box were incredible!