Spring Semester Classes Recap

I am about to finish up my spring semester as a first-year student at Cabrini University. I could not be more thrilled with my experience!

I wanted to share with you the classes I took:

RELS 110 - Search For Meaning

As an honors student, I had to take this class. Cabrini University has a religion requirement, so this course counts towards that core. Overall, I was a little freaked out during the first few sessions. However, as the semester progressed I learned to like the class. And, I actually learned a lot.  

PSY 203 - Developmental Psychology I

This class is necessary in order to complete my major. This class focused on how children grow and develop. I really enjoyed writing papers for this class. However, the tests were super hard. Like, A, B, and C all sounded right to me. I can definitely tell you I worked my butt off after that first test.

HENG 305 - The Creation, Fall, and Redemption

As an honors student, I have to take an additional honors class. Coming into Cabrini, I had an English credit. Then, I was put into an English class for the fall semester. I decided to take another English class-- maybe I'll complete an English minor, who knows? I'm already half way there!

ECG 200 - Rethinking Addiction

By far, the coolest class I took this semester. This class counts towards the core curriculum as well. I absolutely loved it!  For my signature assignment, I talked about the safe houses Philadelphia was planning to put into affect in order to promote safe drug use. 

SPA 204 - Conversation and Composition

Oy vey. Last semester, I finished with an A-. For being the only freshman, I'd say that's not too shabby. Being in 204 meant that I was one of few native English speakers. The majority of my class was made up of hispanic students.

PSY 309 - Abnormal Psychology

Again, another class towards my major. I loved this class! Again, I learned so much-- I know, I know. Who knew you learned so much in college?

Classes I'm Taking Next Fall:

SPA 210 - Intermediate Spanish Social Service
PSY 271 - Stats For Social Sciences I
PSY 202 - Personality Theories
PSY 305 - Social Psychology
PSY 204.- Developmental Psychology II
ECG 300 - Immigration, Law, and Social Justice

In August, I'll probably end up putting together a blog post on why I chose these courses. I'm going to start sharing some of my career path ideas with y'all, very, very soon.


  1. SO MANY CLASSES! I don't know how you keep up. I couldn't. I can't. I had to drop one of my classes recently. Killed me inside a little! Abnormal phys seems awesome.

    Simply Me

    1. I know what ya mean!! Balancing 18 credits can be pretty tricky at times, but I'm managing. Best of luck!! Thanks for reading & commenting!!

  2. Wow you really love to be in school lol..I admire you for that!Keep it up dear.