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When I was "growing up," (I say that as if I've stopped growing up) I went through several different fashion phases. During 6th grade, I went through a tomboy phase-- and not the cute kind. Yikes! In 9th grade, I thought I was an Abercrombie & Fitch model. And, during my senior year, Aerie yoga pants were the only thing I came to know.

Transitioning from high school to college was one of, if not the easiest transitions of my life-- style wise. I wear what I want, when I want, how I want.


I've always adored the little white dress; they're timeless. I purchased this one for my high school graduation-- and I've used every opportunity to where it since.

All The Colors

Over the years, I fell in love with Lilly Pulitzer. Her designs are bright and girly. I am bound to make a statement wherever I go. And, I love that.


I love tassels. And, I love pom-poms. They're so trendy and fun! Anything with a tassel or a pom-pom has my name written on it!

These are just some of my clothing pieces I go to. I feel the most confident when I'm wearing something that is girly and fun, yet flattering to my body type.

Question of the Day: What's your favorite clothing piece in your wardrobe? A LBD? Or, maybe a fun pair of rain boots? Comment below!

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  1. I adore that little white dress! Super cute!

  2. You are more lady like here now than your past blogs. I like how you mature even on your post.

  3. That white dress is adorable! My favorite clothing piece is probably my denim skirt. It's so versatile and easy to throw on!

    1. Denim skirts are a must! They're so easy to dress up or down. Great choice!

  4. Yes! I love the fashion confidence. My favorite piece in my wardrobe is my blue jacket with small pictures on the back side. It's different but makes a statement.

    Samara // The Marshall Wardrobe.

    1. I love bold clothing articles!! That's awesome! Thanks for reading & commenting!

  5. You look more grown up in these photos. I definitely love the confidence.

  6. Both of those dresses look very pretty, and you look great wearing both of them. White dresses always look pretty and fashionable in summer, and I really love that second dress by Lilly Pulitzer - it incorporates my favourite shade of pink in its pretty print.
    I'm not sure which is my favourite outfit piece. I think I may have to try them all on again to decide.