It's Fall, Y'all!

It's fall, y'all!

Pumpkin spice lattes are officially back in stock at Starbucks-- it's officially fall! I am loving the cozy, snuggling weather. I've moved all of my J. Crew sweaters and boot socks to the front of my wardrobe. Are you guys loving this fall weather too?

Back to the blog.

One of the more exciting aspects of my life that I want to note: I am officially back to the blogging game! For those of you that don't know, in the middle of July I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. Doctor's orders: lots of rest. 

Now that I am back, I am planning on doing more blog posts geared towards not only my college life, but my personal life too. There are. So. Many. Things. I want to talk about.

I started my junior year of college.

They weren't kidding when they said junior year was the hardest year. I am taking 6 classes: PSY 202, PSY 204, PSY 271, PSY 305, ECG 300 (Immigration), and SPA 210. On top of that, I am a member of the Spanish club. I have classes Monday through Thursday, and on Fridays I occupy my time with homework and volunteer opportunities. Definitely booked! (But, I like to keep a busy schedule; it keeps me out of trouble.)

I love my classes.

Like I mentioned earlier, I am taking four psychology classes, 1 class on immigration, and a Spanish class geared towards psych majors. I am absolutely in love with all of my classes! I am especially fascinated with my Personality Theories class. I have analyzed myself and my previous relationships over and over again. This class makes sense of everything! I am also really enjoying my Social Psychology class. I adore my professor and the subject matter. If you ever get the opportunity to take one of these classes (even if you're not a psychology major), take them!

Career goals.

As a junior in college, I have began thinking about my desired career path. The options are truly endless. However, I am planning on going into clinical psychology where I will focus on the immigrant population. Currently, I am looking to apply to a graduate program. Life is going by so fast!


  1. Yay! Glad to see you getting back into blogging! Good luck with school!

    1. Thanks so much, Madison! I really appreciate it. You too!!

  2. It's great to see you back blogging! You are all rested up and ready to go.

  3. Girl! Sounds like you have been and will be pretty busy! Carpal tunnel syndrome.... No!! That's not good. Remember to take care of yourself! I am glad you are back blogging! Missed ya!

    1. Always keeping busy!! I missed blogging so much. Happy to be back with my blogging gal pals!

  4. Welcome back! You shared great post and looking forward for your next blogs.