My Journey To Happiness: My Favorite Ways To Practice Happiness

Let me explain: I'm practicing to be a psychologist. So, I over analyze events and people. It's just what I do. So, it's no surprise that I over analyze myself in certain events. We all do, right? Let's put that aside and focus on happiness.

Here are my favorite ways to practice happiness:

Letters of forgiveness.

Apparently, forgiveness is a huge contributor to happiness. And, it's one of the hardest things for me to do. It's especially hard for me to do when your friend deliberately lies to you-- over and over again. I know I'm not the only one who struggles with this.

Best possible future self exercise.

Once a week, I like to spend 10-15 minutes envisioning and/or writing about my best possible future self. I tend to write about different aspects of my anticipated career, a psychologist for immigrants. I think about being a teacher or a non-profit organizer. Thinking about those things allows me to set goals for myself and work towards them.

Set goals.

Whether they are short-term or long-term, set them. I set them everyday in my planner:

  • Finish English paper
  • Email back X company about sponsorship
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Be awesome
Adopt a fitness routine.

There's a million and one studies that support the idea that exercise decreases stress levels. I can definitely say that I've branched out of my comfort zone in terms of fitness. For example, I have recently taken up zumba-- BEST. DECISION. EVER. It kicked my butt, but totally worth it. I've also experimented with crazy gym equipment. (The kind you think only the baseball team uses!) I've been able to sculpt my body into the shape I want, which has in turn helped me develop confidence.


I've always gravitated towards writing when it comes to expressing myself. I like to write short journal entries, and even more so, poetry. It's the perfect coping mechanism for when I'm upset or angry.

Expressing gratitude. 

One of the most important exercises of adopting a happiness program is to include expressing gratitude. Over the past few months, I have attempted to show gratitude towards my family. With finals right around the corner, I am a little on edge and stressed. Appreciating and thanking my family for everything they have done to help me is super important.

Experience flow. Constantly.

In more ways than one I experience flow: blogging, listening to music, spending time with my family, writing, etc.. Do whatever makes you happy and passes the time by.


Three words: This. Is. Hard. It has taken me some serious practice to learn how to meditate. I like to lie down on my bed. I also like to either light a candle or use a diffuser to stimulate my senses. Then, I use the Meditation Minis Podcast on Spotify to complete my session. I highly recommend this station, as the sessions are only 10 minutes long.

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