The Ultimate Guide To: Surviving College

Back to school season is right around the corner for most. Though my sister moves in to her dorm in the middle of August and I go back at the end of August, I know several people that go back to school at the end of July. I wanted to get this blog post up and running for those of you who are going back so soon. This blog post includes links to a variety of other blog posts to help you survive the academic year. I've included blog posts to help you shop for your dorm, prep for the new semester, and excel academically, emotionally, and physically. Here is your ultimate guide to surviving college:

If you're living on campus, these links are great for you! I lived on campus for the first two years of my college career. Checkout my college essentials, things I bought for my dorm, and what's in my backpack and shower caddy.

What's In My Shower Caddy?

Natalie's Dorm Room Wish List

These links range from organizing your planner to creating a productive morning routine. Being organized is key to being successful in college.

How To Prep For A New Semester ft. My New Favorite Printables

Staying active is super important college-- especially if you want to avoid the freshmen fifteen. Below you can checkout my workout routine which is perfect for the girl on the go.

My Poppin' Workout Routine

We all want A's in college, right? Checkout my blog post on how to knock your professor's socks off with your academic paper!

These links are for YOU. College can be stressful; remember to take some time for yourself.

What It's Really Like Living On Campus

My Journey To Happiness: My Favorite Ways To Practice Happiness (In College!)


  1. I love this!!! This is so helpful. also, wow, it's a lot of help on college survival.