21 Things I Learned Before I Turned 21

This month I turn 21! (October 25th at 10:35 P.M. to be exact.) I am so excited. I decided to share 21 things I learned before I turn 21 with y'all: 

1. Your voice is a powerful tool-- use it.

Use it to make a difference.

2.Traveling with your S.O. is a different, yet wonderful experience.

Andres and I went to Walt Disney World with my family last winter. We had so much fun, but more than that, I learned so much about him. It was truly a memorable experience.
3. If a guy hates dancing, but does so anyway for you, then he’s a keeper.

Andres kiddingly jokes that he has two left feet-- and he just might-- but he dances through it. I love him for that.

4. Public speaking isn’t the worst thing ever.

Last spring, I decided to share my essay, The Impact of Immigration on Mental Health, with fellow students in various honors programs around the area. It actually went really well. Read more about it here.

5. Good things come to those who wait.

And more good things are to come. (I can't wait to share them with you.)

6. Always, always, always apply sunscreen evenly.

I don’t even want to think about the time my stomach looked like a red and white zebra.

7. Jumping into a freezing waterfall is the truest act of love there is.

If that’s not the definition of commitment, I don’t know what is. We actually posted some pictures on our blog, Everything We Ever Wanted.

8. Finding Lilly Pulitzer items on the clearance wrack at TJ Maxx is a rare sight; pick up everything.


9. My dad’s cooking is actually pretty good.

Who knew... my dad can actually cook! He makes a mean steak.

10. I still can’t eat a s’more mess-free.

My mom bought me one of those $6 s’mores from Walt Disney World. Long story short: I think I only ate about 60% of it. The other 40% ended up on my face and hands.

11. A planner is a girl’s best friend.

No one else is going to keep track of all of my #SeniorYear assignments. Click here to see how I organize my planner.

My sister is the coolest person in the world-- and for more than just buying me a Kate Spade purse.

That may have something to do with it… but seriously! She is the coolest and smartest person I know. 

13. Wear whatever the hell you want to wear.

It's never your fault. #MeToo

14. Taylor Swift’s song, “The Man,” is an accurate representation of society's double standards.

I could pick out at least 10 lines in the song that apply to different aspects and events in my everyday life.

15. Mom and Dad are still always right.

I’ve been saying this since I was 18. It’s still true.

16. Being 1,000+ miles away from your best friend is the hardest thing you’ll ever go through.


17. Love is when you have feelings for someone that so intense, you’re afraid to lose that person.

It's so intense.

18. My grandmother is one of the strongest women in the world: suck it to cancer.

It was a long 5 months, but she kicked cancer's butt. I couldn't be more proud of her.

19. When girls exclude you from events, send you extremely hurtful text messages, and whisper about you behind your back, there is only one explanation: they’re jealous.

People put others down to make themselves feel better.

20. Uno is the most addicting app; if you don’t want to procrasinate your homework, don’t download it.

My mom and I play every night.

21. Change is hard, but it’s worth everything.

Change is challenging. But, it's exciting, too!


  1. I love these. Wearing whatever I want to wear is something I have to do sometimes haha and also number 5 is so so so true in my life.