Life Update: I Started Taking Claravis, I'm 21, and More

Welcome back to my blog, everyone!

In today's blog post, I am doing a life update. I've been so busy blogging, doing school work, and preparing for an exciting event-- more details to come soon! I wanted to take this time to sit down and chat with y'all. Let's get personal:

I started isotretinoin. 

Let's cut to the chase: we all have our own insecurities. Mine just happens to be my skin. In middle school, I suffered with acne during puberty. But, so did everyone else, so who cares? In high school, my skin started to even out. My breakouts only came once a month. Now, I'm 21 years old and it's as if my puberty acne is back 10x harder. I decided to see a dermatologist. I felt like it was controlling my life. My dermatologist told me there were a variety of options, but I desperately wanted a long-term solution.

I am about to complete my second month of isotretinoin. Within the first week, I experienced symptoms. As the weeks progressed, the symptoms intensified:

  • Dry lips
  • Dry scalp
  • Dry hair
  • Mood swings 
The symptoms were (and are) definitely a pain to deal with. However, I've noticed when I moisturize repeatedly and drink several bottles of water, it's tolerable. (I am just about done my second month!) Read more about the drug here.

The countdown is on: 7 Weeks!

My last semester is a little over halfway done. I couldn't be more excited. I'll be honest: I am most excited for my Spanish class to be over. I am just about the only non-native in the class. With that being said, it is very, very difficult. I struggle to keep up with the lectures. I have to record them and have my boyfriend work through them with me. (I really appreciate that, Andres!)

However, I think I would rather stay in Spanish forever than finish up my schooling. I am so sad my time at Cabrini University is coming to an end.

Andres and I celebrated our one year anniversary.

Last month, my boyfriend and I celebrated our one year anniversary. Check out our One Year Anniversary video here.

I still have no idea what career I want to pursue.

Though I am majoring in psychology and minoring in English and Spanish, I don't know what I want to do exactly. I think I would like to first work in a school and eventually work my way up to being an immigration psychologist.

I turned 21!

Last Friday, I turned 21! I had such a wonderful day spent with family and friends. My morning started off with my boyfriend bringing me pink roses and thoughtful gifts. We wrapped up my birthday celebration at Maggiano's, where I had a Lorenzo's Long Island. Then, my mom let me play a few games at the casino. I had a blast!

Apple watch.

I got an apple watch-- and am loving it! Being a girl on the go, this device comes in handy all the time. I love that I can check my email, make phone calls, etc. It's super convenient!

Thanks for reading!

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