20 Goals For 2020

Welcome to 2020! I am kicking this decade off with a bunch of new things. For one, I moved to Lakeland, Florida from a small town in Pennsylvania. With that being said, I have so many places I want to explore and things I want to accomplish.

Here are my 20 goals for 2020:

Land a job.

This is a big deal! I've never had a real job before-- other than blogging. I'm planning on applying for a variety of different jobs, part-time and full-time. I'm thinking retail?

Increase blog revenue.

I would also like to increase my blog revenue on both Guilianna Marie and Everything We Ever Wanted. I'd like to accept more sponsorships.

Walk with my graduating class.

I am going to be the first college graduate in my family. I am beyond excited! #GoCavs

Go to the Capital Grille.

I have to celebrate my graduation somehow, right?

Present research.

I am flying back up to Pennsylvania to present research. I am presenting on the impact of athletics on academic performance.

Completely organize my house.

My house is kind of a mess. My mom, sister, and I have been working really hard to organize everything. From closet drawers to the foyer. (On the bright side, my room is almost finished. Room tour coming soon!)

Reach 200,000 views.

I'd love to reach a larger audience and gain some more views on my blog.

Buy a Walt Disney World annual pass.

Hence the reason I need a job: WDW every weekend. Yes, please!

Look into graduate programs.

I am definitely considering school psychology. I am hoping to maybe even obtain my teaching certificate. I also want to be an immigration psychologist. I'll see how it all plays out.

Improve my current workout routine.

Last year, I managed to adopt a workout routine and stick with it. I use an app called 7M Women. (Not sponsored!) It has helped me shape my body the way I want.

Meditate more often.

I love meditating. It allows me to not only relax, but live in the moment. Spotify has a bunch of great options.

Make more video content.

My boyfriend, Andres, and I have a YouTube channel. I'd love to add some more videos to our channel.

Engage more in the blog community.

I'd love to participate in more Twitter chats and make some more blog friends.

Clear skin.

Clear skin has always been a challenge for me, but since I started taking some medication it's cleared up. My skin should be completely clear by February.

Explore my new hometown.


Visit Sanibel Island.

Rumor has it: it's full of shells. I've been dying to visit since I've heard of it.

Attend one of Disney's events for vacation club members.

Disney hosts a variety of events for vacation club members, including "free" admission to theme parks on certain nights.

Do at least 8,000 steps each day.

Like I mentioned earlier, I want to improve my workout routine. I'd like to do more cardio.

Enhance my social media outlets.

Hello, Instagram!

Spend more time with my family.

Though my life is going to be crazy-- blogging, getting my first job, preparing research, etc., I want to maximize time spent with my family.

Here's to a new decade! Let's rock it together!

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