A Preschool Teacher's Wish List

About a month ago, I started working as a preschool teacher. (You can check out my latest post to learn more about that here.) In today's blog post, I wanted to share with you some things that are on my wish list as a preschool teacher. 

On Fridays, I am allowed to wear jeans. These TOMS would be the perfect addition to my outfit. If you're a preschool teacher and looking for the perfect pair of Teacher TOMS, checkout Etsy!

According to every teacher, these pens are a must-have. These pens would be great for labeling papers, writing up reports, etc.

I am constantly writing little notes to myself-- have A's parent sign accident report, give B's parent a thank you card, make copies of attendance sheets, make copies of lesson plan, etc. This notepad is super cute!

Padfolio with Clipboard

A clipboard/portfolio is at the top of my wish list. As a teacher, I am constantly taking attendance, jotting down notes, and filling out reports. I want a clipboard with an extra compartment to store pens, sticky notes, etc.

Cute Teacher Tees

Etsy has so many t-shirt options for fellow teachers. I especially like the one above that says "Teaching Future Leaders." I just think that is super cute! I'd love to wear these to class and/or running errands.

Growth Mindset Poster

As a psychology major, I am a firm believer in helping students develop a growth mindset. Even though my kiddos are young, I think introducing this idea is still important. The earlier stages of a child's life are extremely influential.