Amazon Wish List

I don't know about you, but I've been doing a ton of online shopping. Like an unhealthy amount. (Haul coming soon!) With that being said, I've been browsing Amazon and quite a few items caught my eye. Check out my wish list below:

SWEES Leather Apple Watch Band

For my 21st birthday, my parents got me an Apple Watch. I haven't taken it off since! Right now, I only have the white silicone band that came with it. I would love to spice it up with this rose gold band. Super cute!

Stainless Crystal Ring

Yes-- it is a knock off from Cartier. But, hey, I'm all about being trendy on a budget. $10 vs. $1,000. I think I'll take the knock off.

Wet Brush Paddle Detangler

I am in need of a new paddle brush and have been wanting to try the original Wet Brush. I am constantly brushing my hair when it's wet. I want something that will get the job done without damaging my hair.

SSSCase Travel Makeup Bag

I've seen this makeup bag in a ton of TikToks and YouTube videos. I like that you can customize the  compartment size to fit your needs. Not to mention, it helps your makeup stay in place on bumpy flights. I also like this design-- very Louis Vuitton esk.

Keebofly Jewelry Tree Stand Organizer

In the past couple of months, my earring collection has grown. I want a place where I can display my fun earrings so I can get the most use out of them.

I've seen these portable travel bottles on social media too. I think they are so cute! I love the colors and they're the perfect size for traveling. 

VAGREEZ Travel Packing Cubes

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been watching a ton of YouTube videos from way back when. I've been binging "Pack with Me" videos-- and have fallen in love with them all over again. Getting some inspiration for when I'm going to be traveling again. I'd love to purchase these travel cubes. They're pink and super affordable. Perfect for long weekends at Walt Disney World!

Nicole Miller Nail Polish Set

Within the past year, I've been obsessed with doing my nails-- especially now during quarantine. It gives me something to do. These nail colors are gorgeous! I would love to add them to my collection. 

What are some items on your Amazon Wish List? Have you made any purchases because of TikTok and/or YouTube? Let me know!


  1. Wet Brush brushes are amazing! I've had one for a couple years and it's fab. Also, packing cubes are the way to go when it comes to packing, you get so much more stuff packed into the same bag.

    1. I am definitely considering picking those items up! Thanks, Ró!