How I've Been Avoiding The Quarantine 15

I hope everyone is staying inside and safe. I am so ready for all of this to be over! I miss going to the beach, hanging out with my friends, and of course riding different attractions at Walt Disney World. I've been trying to avoid the quarantine 15-- the best I can. Check out some of my favorite ways to get physical:

Lots and lots of walking.

My mom is always asking me if I want to take a walk. But, hey, it keeps me off the couch. We recently started walking to Publix for our groceries. That's a workout.

Learning TikTok dances.

You would not believe the sweat you break trying to learn the Renegade. Follow me @guilianna13.


My favorite way to cool off is by going swimming. 

YouTube videos.

There are a ton of awesome workout videos on YouTube. They have a variety of dance workouts to hardcore ab workouts. They are so much fun! I really like some of the Zumba ones. (Let me know if you want to see a full-list of my favorite free YouTube workouts.)

7M Women.

This has been my go-to app for years now. I started using it during my senior year of high school. It helped me shape my body the way I want. There are a bunch of workouts to help you target specific areas on your body. Roll out your yoga mat and get kicking!

How are you avoiding the Quarantine 15? Comment below! Stay safe!


  1. GIRL! Good for you! I have gotten in a few workouts but oh it's not the same as when I am busy and still go to the gym. Too much time is apparently a bad thing.

    1. I feel ya-- It's really hard. There are days when I just lay in bed and binge watch Netflix all day. Just take one day at a time. Stay safe! XO

  2. I have been jogging a lot. I use to jog all the time in high school and stopped. Now I picked it back up lol. and Omg those tik tok dances look so much fun. haha

    1. That's awesome!! I wish I had that kind of energy. Follow me on TikTok-- I'll follow you back. Stay safe! XO