What's In My Purse? | Kate Spade NY Tote

Purses are my favorite accessory! My sister bought this Kate Spade NY bag for me before she left for college. (She is the sweetest sister ever!) Here's what I keep in my tote:

Michael Kors Wallet

Not available in stores anymore. It's super old! But, it matches! This holds cash, credit cards, gift cards, and receipts. 

Kate Spade Lanyard

Check out a similar style here. I love this lanyard! Not only does it match perfectly with my tote, but it holds everything I need it to-- ID, debit card, and school ID. 


You never know when you're going to need a pen. I love the Poppin brand!

Portable Medal Straw

My mom put this in my stocking for Christmas-- and I am obsessed! I've already got so much use out of it. Buy one for yourself here.


For when those lack of caffeine headaches kick in.


I love this one because it can clip onto my lanyard. Super convenient! 

The Essentials Bag

I found this bag for $3 in the Target dollar section. It's the perfect makeup bag holder.

I absolutely love this stuff! It smells amazing and perks up my skin. It's really nice to apply halfway through the day under the Florida sunshine.

Hand Cream

I picked this one up from Sephora for $5ish dollars. It's one of the most moisturizing hand creams I've ever used.

This essential oil is perfect for blemishes and bug bites. Mosquitos are always biting me! I use this all the time.


I'm always switching up my deodorant. This mini one fits perfectly in my makeup bag.

Hair Clip

I hate having my hair down when I'm eating. I either throw it up in a bun or pull it back with a clip.

Hand Sanitizer

I do not leave the house without hand sanitizer. You never know what situations you're going to get into. (Side note: I also carry baby wipes, gloves, and face masks, and a travel bottle of Lysol due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

My Everyday Lipgloss

This is my favorite lipgloss of all time. 10/10 recommend. Check it out here

My Favorite Lip Balm

I picked this up from Sephora and instantly fell in love. It smells amazing! 

That's all that's in my purse! What are some of your purse essentials?

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