Life Update | Grad School, Back To Work Full-Time, and More

It's been a few weeks since I've posted on here. I've been super busy finalizing some paperwork for grad school, preparing my classroom, developing curriculum, among many other things. I am so glad I finally have some time on my hands to blog and share what I've been up to with y'all.

This past weekend I should have been in Pennsylvania graduating.

I have mixed emotions about attending my graduation. Fortunately and unfortunately, because I graduated early I don't really know anyone else graduating. On another note, it's one of my proudest achievements! I wish I would have gone for the experience. Because of Pennsylvania's 14-day quarantine, I would not have been able to return to Florida in time for the first day of school. (I'll talk more about my new career soon!)

I'm furthering my education in psychology.

I applied to three schools: Capella University, the University of Southern California, and St. Leo University. I got into all three schools, but one in particular fits me and my goals a little bit better than the others. I am so excited to announce that I will be attending St. Leo University to obtain my MS in Psychology. I start classes in a couple of weeks. My goal is to complete the program by August 2022. We'll see where I go from there-- maybe my PhD? 

I'm starting my first full-time job as a 5th grade teacher.

In January, I took on my first job as a preschool teacher. I mostly worked with 3-year-olds, but once the pandemic hit, I became more of a float. I really enjoyed working with kids so decided to apply for a teaching position within the community. I am so excited-- and a little nervous-- but more so excited. Last Monday, August 3rd, I started putting my classroom together. It took about a week to clean out curriculum boxes, move furniture, and decorate. 

One of my favorite parts about this position is that I will be working in a private school so I will have more flexibility with curriculum and lesson plans. I am so excited to share knowledge with my students. I am planning on doing more blog posts on my life as a teacher. Stay tuned!

Let's talk about Taylor Swift's album folklore.

I. Am. Obsessed. I woke up at 4 a.m. to listen to the album and have absolutely no regrets. Some of my favorite songs are "the 1," "cardigan," "august," and "invisible string." It's so inspiring! I've been listening to it on repeat. 

My new blog schedule.

With my busy schedule, I am still hoping to uphold my blog. I am planning on posting every other week. Let me know what y'all want to see more of-- grad school, teaching, etc. 

I hope everyone is staying safe!